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chilichibi's Journal

27 August 1986
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A young lady from Finland, Northern Europe. Green eyes, brown hair, always trying to tan her white skin. Is the eldest child in her big family. Speaks different languages and loves to learn new. Loves hard yaoi and romantic shounen ai. Draws, reads and writes. Listens to music everytime it's possible. Has a dog. Friends and family are the most precious in her life. Loves cosplaying and meeting new people. Likes to study but doesn't consider herself the brightest of them all. Drinks no alcohol, coca-cola is the only bottle she will go to. Hates racism and cruelty. Has trouble falling asleep at nights. Would love to study pedagogics and work at a kindergarten. Loves many things and people. Always missing her beloved ones. Makes friends quite easily. Has a low self-respect.

Smiles to you even if you wouldn't smile back at her.